Portfolio Overview

BREF has a diversified portfolio, allocated in business (81.6%), retail (10.7%), investment plots (3.1%), holiday properties (2%) and cash & cash equivalents (2.5%).

The projects managed by BREF are ten, diversified in different sectors of the real estate market in Bulgaria:

  • five ongoing projects and
  • three projects in the pipeline.

From the five ongoing projects Doverie-Bricolage Shopping Center, Office Building 1 in Business Park Sofia and Office Building Kambanite and the office building in Sofia Tech Park are in a stage of ongoing management. Residential building “Sequoia 2″ – Borovets is in the process of selling. 

The next group consists of projects in the pipeline or suspended and there is no progress in their development. Such projects are Investments plots near Vidin, Seaside plots near Lozenets and those located in Sofia in Mladost IV district.