Building 1, Business Park Sofia — BREF

Building 1, Business Park Sofia

BPS Building 1B Offer-BREF

In 2014 Bulgarian Real Estate Fund has initiated new project for acquisition of office premises in Building 1 in Business Park Sofia. The acquisition of the properties was performed in two stages from two different owners. At the first step in January 2014 the Fund acquired 3,532 square meters of office areas and 25.33% share of the land where the building is erected. At the second step in September 2014 in addition BREF acquired 5,583 square meters of office areas and parking spaces and 39.12% share of the land under the building. The premises are situated in Entrance B in the northern and the southern wings of the building. The total acquisition price is EUR 7.2 million. The total leasable area is 7,318 sq.m. office premises and 68 parking lots in the underground parking of the building. The total owned share parts of the land under the building are 64.45%.

The occupancy rate of the office premises is slightly above 70%, with key tenants including British Council, New Work Sofia Business Park, Outsource Partners International EAD (trade mark EXL) and C3i Europe EOOD.

Business Park Sofia is located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain with easy access to all major road arteries and direct access to the Sofia Ring Road. The Park is less than 20 minutes away from the central business district and within 10-minute drive to the international airport. Transport to Business Park Sofia is ensured by subway – the station is in the immediate vicinity to Building 1 – and several public transport lines that connect the complex with the city.


Business Park Sofia offers great variety of services including banks, post office, restaurants and cafes, pharmacy, dry-cleaning, supermarkets, health & beauty facilities, electronics & household appliance stores and many others.

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