Investment plots near Veliko Turnovo

V.TarnovoIn November 2006, BREF acquired a 203-decare non-regulated land plot, located near the town of Veliko Turnovo – the central part of northern Bulgaria. The plot is on the high-way from Sofia to Varna, at a 5-km distance from the centre of Veliko Turnovo. The District is a region with leading role as an industrial, transport-logistical, tourist, cultural and educational centre.

In 2015 the Company accomplished a transaction for the sale of part of the properties with an area of 24,445 square meters and in May 2016 second transaction for the sale of another 30,250 square meters was executed. After the two sales the remaining properties owned by BREF have a total area of 148 dca. Meanwhile the Fund temporarily has rented out the properties as agricultural land.

The property is ideally situated , which makes it very suitable for development of industrial or retail park, where big retailer or production companies may place their facilities.

Current status: suspended.


Veliko Turnovo plots measurements

Map Veliko Turnovo plots