Investment plots in Mladost IV residential area

Mladost IV

BREF is owner of 16 land plots situated on Sofia’s Ring Road in its crossing point with “Alexander Malinov” Blvd., to the west of Business Park Sofia. After some sales during the past years currently the total area owned by BREF is 16,018 sq.m.

The official regulation plan of the region became effective in 2014, the procedure for its adoption was started by the Sofia Municipality in 2008.  According to the new zoning regulation, 25% of the properties owned by the Fund shall be taken away for the purpose of construction of the infrastructure of the area (roads, sewerage, communication ducts, etc.). As a result of this, new properties with new boundaries and construction parameters are formed.  After the change in the zoning, BREF owns 3 properties with a total area of 16,018 square meters, out of which 8,045 sq.m are rezoned, and the rest are unzoned, intended for green areas. The rezoned plots are located in mixed multifunctional development zones with the corresponding development parameters.

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