Notification successfully registered capital increase in Commercial Register

On the basis of Art. 17, p. 1 from Regulation (EU) 596/2014 and in connection with the successful increase of the capital of “BULGARIAN REAL ESTATE FUND” REIT through an initial public offering of shares, based on the decision to increase the capital adopted by the Board of Directors of the company on April 20, 2018 and in accordance with the Prospectus for Initial Public Offering of Company Shares, confirmed by the Financial Supervision Commission by Decision No 619-E dated 15.06.2018, we hereby notify you of the following:

On 06.11.2018 it was successfully completed the registration of the changes in the Capital part in Bulgarian Real Estate Funds account in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency.  As a result of the registration, the share capital of the company was increased to BGN 34,641,925 divided into 34,641,925 ordinary dematerialized voting shares with a nominal value of BGN 1 each. The new shares are due to be registered with the Central Depository.