Invitation General Meeting of the Shareholders November 2013


for convention of regular General Meeting of Shareholders of



Board of Directors of “BULGARIAN REAL ESTATE FUND” REIT, city of Sofia, pursuant to Article 223 of Commercial Act /CA/ convenes its Company General Meeting of Shareholders on November 15th 2013, 10:00 h, at: Sofia, 36 Dragan Tsankov Boulevard, INTERPRED – WTC Sofia building, Floor 2, block A, Plovdiv Hall, with following agenda:

Sole item: Adoption and validation of the Remuneration policy of the members of Board of Directors; draft resolution – General Meeting /GM/ adopts and validate the Remuneration policy of the members of Board of Directors;

All shareholders of “BULGARIAN REAL ESTATE FUND” REIT are invited to participate at business proceedings of GM, in person or via duly authorized representative. Right to vote shall be exercised by persons, entered as shareholders at Central Depository registries as of November 01st 2013 – 14 days prior to date of General Meeting and in conformity with the list, provided by latter. Total number of shares of “BULGARIAN REAL ESTATE FUND” REIT as of date of resolution for convention of GM amounts to 60 450 000, each providing the right to a single vote. All shareholders possess equal rights to participate at General Meeting. Shareholders, possessing jointly and severally at least 5 percent of Company capital, after notification of invitation at the Commercial Registry, may also include other matters and file draft resolutions on matters already included in agenda of GM. No later than 15 days prior to opening of General Meeting persons specified in preceding sentence must present for notification at Commercial Registry a list of maters, to be included in agenda and draft resolutions. Via notification at the Commercial Registry matters shall be deemed included in proposed agenda. Shareholders shall have the right to raise matters during the GM. The voting right can be exercised prior to the data of the GM via correspondence, by mail, by e-mail or by courier according to Rules of voting via correspondence of “BULGARIAN REAL ESTATE FUND” REIT, which can find on the internet site of the company; Voting by electronic means for this GM is not allowed. Registration of shareholders and their authorized representatives shall commence at 09.00 h on November 15th 2013 at General Meeting of Shareholders location convention location. Shareholders – legal entities shall be represented by relevant legal representatives, subject to identification via presentation of current registration certificate and ID. Shareholders – natural persons must present ID. Authorized representatives /attorneys/ of natural persons and legal entities must be authorized via explicit notarized power of attorney of specific General Meeting, in conformity to requirements of Article 116, Paragraph 1 of Public Offering of Securities Act /POSA/ and relevant deeds of its application. Power of attorney form is appended to GM materials.  Authorization via electronic means is admissible, only if power of attorney bears universal electronic signature and is received by Company no later than two business days before the date of General Meeting at address In the event of lacking quorum, pursuant to Article 227 of Commercial Act, General Meeting Session shall be convened at 10.00 h on December 2nd 2013, at same location, agenda, participation requirements, and registration procedure.

Written materials on agenda are placed at shareholders’ disposal at the building and stated as Company’s correspondence address located at: Sofia, Izgrev district, 3A Nikolay Haytov Street, floor 1, each business day from 10.00 to 16.00 h, as well as at Company’s web address at:, and upon request shall be provided free of charge.

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